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Obamacare changes will allow people to keep policies temporarily


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Obamacare changes will allow people to keep policies temporarily

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Washington (KTNV) -- After weeks of mistakes, broken promises and problems with Obamacare, the President is changing tactics.

Millions of Americans who were going to lose their insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act will be allowed to keep it. At least for now.

Their plans will still go away but the President is delaying the cancellations until after next year's Congressional elections.

A lot of Democrats are in tight reelection races and feeling the heat for the botched launch of the health care overhaul.

But what the President announced Thursday really doesn't solve anything.

He is allowing insurance companies to re-offer the plans they have already been forced to cancel but there is no guarantee that they will follow through. They have been working for 3 years to prepare for Obamacare.

Now, they are being told to undo that work just so they can re-implement the Obamacare policies at this time next year.

And then there is the leaked letter from the Department of Health and Human Services.

It was leaked online, showing that the Obama Administration knew that insurance would be more expensive for many people even with the government subsidies.

This is despite the fact that President Obama was telling the American people that their costs would go down by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Republicans are having a field day with the fiasco.

There is also the question of legality. can the President really make changes to a law passed by Congress without asking Congress to weigh in?

A lot of people say no and that he also should not be telling any insurance company what they can or can not do.

Jessica Janner

Jessica Janner

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