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Not all doctors agree more people should be taking statins


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Not all doctors agree more people should be taking statins

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Nov 19, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The American Heart Association is recommending that more people take cholesterol-lowering statins but not everyone is in favor.

Some doctors are pushing back, saying this is the wrong way to go.

Doctors, including some from the Harvard Medical School, say the new recommendations are way off base.

The recommendations from the AHA would greatly expand the number of Americans who are prescribed statins.

But critics say the risk calculator used in writing the recommendations is way off and will end up putting millions of Americans on drugs that they do not need.

So, who should be on statins?

The AHA is recommending anyone with high cholesterol or have risk factors like a relative with heart disease should be taking statins.

The AHA changes are just a proposal right now. A final decision is expected within the next few weeks.

Jessica Janner

Jessica Janner

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