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New grocery store to sell outdated, blemished foods

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New grocery store to sell outdated, blemished foods

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Jan 23, 2014

Dorchester, MA (KTNV) -- A new grocery store will be selling old food, and the company is hoping consumers will buy into the idea.

The former president of Trader Joe's came up with the concept.

Doug Ranch said Americans waste billions of dollars a year throwing out food, simply because it's past the sell-by date.

He maintains most of that food is still good to eat, "These are guidelines that grocers use to sell something at its peak maximum flavor. A day or two after that, it's still a good product."

40-percent of food produced in America each year goes wasted; that's 160-billion pounds worth in the trash.

His new store, called the Daily Table, will buy foods that are blemished, damaged or outdated, then sell them for pennies on the dollar.

The first store will open in Dorchester, Massachusetts in May.