NYC man could lose custody of son for not taking him to McDonald's


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NYC man could lose custody of son for not taking him to McDonald's

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Nov 8, 2013

(KTNV) -- For some parents, refusing to allow their children to eat fast food is a reason to cheer.

But, a New York City father could lose custody of his son for refusing to let him eat at McDonald's.

Apparently, the father had planned to take his four-year-old son to their usual restaurant during his weekly Tuesday night visitation.

The kid threw a tantrum, demanding a trip to McDonald's instead.

David Evan Schorr, thinking he'd been eating too much fast food lately, refused and gave the kid an ultimatum. He told the child that he could eat dinner anywhere other than McDonald's or no dinner.

The kid picked no dinner and then told on his dad when he went home to his mom.

The mother called the court-appointed psychologist for their custody case. That psychologist found emotional damage and determined that the father was unfit and should lose custody.

Adding insult to injury, the child's mother immediately took the boy to McDonald's.

Schorr has now filed a civil lawsuit against the psychologist.

The custody trial resumes in December when the judge will ultimately decide if the father is fit to parent his son.

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