New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie booed and jeered at Super Bowl event


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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie booed and jeered at Super Bowl event

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Feb 2, 2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was booed by the crowd on Saturday during an appearance in Times Square for a Super Bowl event.

The once very popular governor is now being accused of lying about what has become known as "Bridgegate."

According to the New York Daily News, one Times Square heckler yelled "You made it across the bridge?" at the governor as he sat impassively on the stage.

The New York Post says that another heckler yelled "We hate traffic! We hate traffic!"

The normally talkative Gov. Christie, whose state is hosting this year's Super Bowl, only spoke briefly about the big game and did not say anything about the bridge scandal.

Christie's approval rating has taken a big hit since the news broke about the George Washington Bridge lane closings and a Hurricane Sandy aid shakedown in Hoboken, NJ.

An old high school pal of the governor's threw him under the bridge Saturday.

A three-page letter by the lawyer or ex-Port Authority official David Wildstein claims that Christie knew about the closures. The attorney also claims that there is evidence to back up the claims.

Wildstein was the Port Authority official that was responsible for the lane closures after an exchange with Christie aid Bridget Anne Kelly. He resigned his position after the bridge scandal exploded.

So far, Christie is not among the large group of people who have been subpoenaed by the state legislative committee investigating the lane closures. However, that could change.

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