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Mother under fire for how little she bathes her baby


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Mother under fire for how little she bathes her baby

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Oct 10, 2013

Ashland, MA (KTNV) -- A mother confessed online that she only has time to bathe her infant once or twice a week, and this statement has some parents fired up.

32-year-old mom Claire Goss confessed on her online blog that her 3-month-old rarely sees his bathtub.

The busy mother of three said she simply doesn't have the time.

The blog post spurred some backlash, but she said it's not only a matter of convenience, but also a matter of health.

"My pediatrician told me with my second that I was bathing him too frequently because his skin was dried out," said Goss.

"Really you want to watch your baby more than watching the calendar when deciding to give a bath," said Dr. Alan Greene, pediatrician.

Experts said too many trips to the tub can decrease your baby's natural bacteria count, and make your baby more susceptible to infections and rash.

However, they do advise it's best to wash your baby at least three times a week.