Mother speaks out to Action News about murder-suicide


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Mother speaks out to Action News about murder-suicide

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Sep 9, 2013

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The North Las Vegas woman who watched her husband kill himself, just moments after he killed their 25-year-old daughter is speaking out.

"I just hate that they are saying it was a heated family argument. It wasn't. It was four and a half, five hours later," Jenice Landis said.
Jenice said she is still trying to figure out how an argument over housework at midnight led her husband, Greg, to kill their daughter, Amanda then himself Sunday morning.
"I just told him, 'Greg I'm really not feeling good. I really need to sleep can we do this tomorrow. I know this is a ridiculous argument you are having with me.' And Amanda woke up and said, 'Dad, leave her alone and let her sleep.' That is about all there was to the argument," Jenice said.
Jenice and her daughter were staying in the same room while Jenice recovered from surgery.
They both went to sleep only to be jolted awake around 5 a.m.
"I woke up to gunfire and flashes and gun smoke. I rolled off the bed and I know that is the only reason I am alive, because I felt gunshots going by me and I looked at my daughter and he had shot her in the chest and her chest was nothing but blood and gore," Jenice said.
Jenice then said her 52-year-old husband turned the gun on himself, leaving her to wonder how the man she was married to for 27 years could do such a thing.
"I didn't think my husband would ever hurt one of his children. He wasn't that person," Jenice said.
Jenice said her husband, who was a Desert Storm vet, had recently been taking prescription drugs and may have been drinking following the argument.
Police said they will not be able to confirm that until they get toxicology results back. For now, Jenice and Amanda’s twin brother are just working to cope with the loss.
"My daughter was a beautiful creature and her life ended way too soon, and I don't want people to ruin that celebration of her life that we are going to have," Jenice said.
North Las Vegas Police are not releasing many details about the murder-suicide or details about the fight, saying it is too early in the investigation.
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