More kids walking to school for Nevada Moves Day

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More kids walking to school for Nevada Moves Day

By Denise Wong. CREATED Mar 19, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A lot of kids, who don't normally walk to school, did so on Wednesday morning.

That's because it's the 5th annual Nevada Moves Day, which encourages children to use their feet or bike to get to school, not a ride from mom or dad.

Las Vegas police are using Wednesday as an opportunity to go over some of the basic rules of crossing the street.

Officers crossed Bonanza at 20th with kids, and they had some help from an officer dressed in a duck costume.

He did that to try to catch drivers who were speeding through the school zone, or weren't yielding to pedestrians. His costume made him hard to miss, and officers waiting nearby would pull over drivers not following the law.

Parents walking their kids to school were glad to see this.

"We have to cross the street and it's kind of dangerous and the cars don't respect sometimes the people that help us here walk," said Noreda Marquez.

Officers and the school district are encouraging more kids to walk to school. They just want to make sure they know the basic rules and practice them, such as look both ways and make eye contact with drivers.

In fact, they've started a project called "Walking Wednesdays," and the goal is to get more kids to walk to school at least this one day each week to get moving and practice crosswalk safety.