More cats removed from North Las Vegas hoarder's home

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More cats removed from North Las Vegas hoarder's home

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Jul 25, 2014

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Animal control officers returned to the North Las Vegas home Friday where more than 100 cats were taken the day before.

Officers issued a citation to the alleged hoarder who was on the property even though the home has been deemed too dangerous to enter. It's unclear why the citation was issued.

Animal control responded to the home on Thursday after neighbors had complained about the smell, but area residents had no idea the severity of the situation.

"We would hear them fighting at night, but we didn't think it was that many cats," neighbor Demario Hall said. "We just thought it was a couple cats."

Officers set traps Friday to catch the remaining animals, but had to pry a kitten out of the woman's hands when she didn't' want to give it up.

"You need to let go of her," the officer was overheard saying to the alleged hoarder.

The woman said what started off as taking in a few neighborhood strays, quickly got out of control. She said the cats weren't spayed or neutered and most would be considered feral.

The cats are currently in the care of The Animal Foundation.

"Our medical team will assess each cat for health and behavior," said Director of Development Andy Bischel.

The foundation is now calling on the community's help to make room for what could be a large influx of new cats, while many cats are still looking for new homes.

"A big hoarding case puts a strain on us," Bischel said. "That's why we want to get the word out that we need fosters."

The cats' owner said the best possible outcome is that her cats find new homes.