Miami Dolphin player suspended for alleged bullying of teammate

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Miami Dolphin player suspended for alleged bullying of teammate

CREATED Nov 4, 2013

Miami, FL (KTNV) -- Accusations are flying about possible bullying by NFL football players.

The Miami Dolphins have suspended starting offensive guard Richie Incognito indefinitely.

The action was taken after allegations that he may have harassed and bullied fellow player Jonathan Martin so badly that Martin left the team.

Last summer, Incognito allegedly convinced Martin into spending $15,000 to help send a group of players to Las Vegas.

It was just one of several related hazing incidents that prompted Martin's representatives to lodge a complaint.

Incognito is lashing back on Twitter. He allegedly tweeted, "I want my name cleared. Enough is enough."

Many of the tweets that have been reported have since been removed from his account.

The alleged bullying may have involved more than one person. In another incident, Martin and other young players were reportedly persuaded to pay a $30,000 restaurant bill for a lavish team meal.

A Miami defensive tackle tweeted a photo with the caption, "Everything tastes better when rookies pay for it."


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