Las Vegas police officer beats death and returns home

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Las Vegas police officer beats death and returns home

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Oct 25, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A local hero is back home after dying and coming back to life. Las Vegas police officer David Salgado was discharged from an Arizona hospital Thursday. His fellow officers met him at the state line to escort him home.

It was the first moment officer David Salgado has laid eyes on his children in a long time. The first time 10-year-old Brooklyn, 6-year-old David and 3-year-old Alba have seen their dad in months.
It was more than David's mom could take.
Nearby, waiting and watching the emotional reunion, was David's entire Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department squad. Friend Cody Thompson said, "We wanted to meet him at the state line to let him know he's been in our thoughts and prayers every day since he's been gone."
One by one David's Metro family welcomed him home. Every one of them took personal vacation time to be there.
There was a time they thought they'd be at his funeral. "It's been a roller coaster. One day good news. One day bad. We're happy to have him back.  It's a blessing."
To understand why this reunion means so much, you have to understand what happened.  
While vacationing with his family, David developed excruciating headaches. He had a cavernoma on his brain stem. After surgery to save his life, David was pronounced brain dead twice.
Just as his family was preparing to take him off of life support, he began to move and to sign "I love you."  And his fight for life began.  
Friend Doug King says it's great to have him back.  "It's great. It's great to be able to see him and give him a hug."
David will begin rehabilitation now and although he has a lot of hard work ahead of him, his sergeant can't wait to get him back in the office where he belongs.
David is part of the division that trains Metro so every officer on the department knows him and it is said that they all love him. He's the funny one on the squad.  That sense of humor and, according to his mom, a whole lot of prayer is helping him now.  
David Salgado is the breadwinner for his family and the medical bills are staggering. If you'd like to help, you can donate to officer David Salgado's family at any Wells Fargo bank branch.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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Beth Fisher is an anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas and reports on the positive news in Las Vegas.