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Medical center closes with little notice to patients now without health care


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Medical center closes with little notice to patients now without health care

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- People at a local medical center are without health care this week after a doctor's office suddenly closes with little warning. The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners said it received a complaint and is now investigating whether the facility abandoned its patients. 

The sign at KE Medical Group near Warm Springs and Buffalo reads "Attention Patients." It goes onto say the doctors office is closed. The sign took patients by surprise. 

"Shock and anger quite honestly," patient Andrew Perla said expressing his frustration. "To do it so suddenly with no medical information doesn't make any sense." 

Perla said he's been seeing a doctor at the center for about a year. This week he got a letter in the mail saying the office closed last Friday November 8Th. The letter, on plain white paper, didn't look real to patient Steven Ficek. 

"It looks like somebody did it on their computer and sent it out," Ficek said. "I had to come down and verify because nothing looked official." 

But it's official. Patients now have a lot of questions. 

On Friday patients went to the office to pick up their records before the facility closes for good. Action News asked the staff inside why it was closing, but no senior staff members were on hand to offer an explanation. 

Getting their medical records was the easy part, according to several patients. 

"I went upstairs, I just filled out two forms for my wife's records and my records," patient Anthony Russo said. "They were nice and they gave it to me." 

But the hard part will be getting in touch with their doctors. Some patients indicated that they've been told their doctors will reach out to them when they open or find a new practice. 

"Its my life," Perla said. "I've been seeing this doctor for the last twenty years. I want to continue seeing him. He's kept me healthy." 

On the company website it said the office was founded by a physician, but Action News wasn't able to reach him for comment.