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Man sentenced for attacking ex-girlfriend with machete

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Man sentenced for attacking ex-girlfriend with machete

By Denise Wong. CREATED May 8, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A judge has sentenced a local man to the maximum punishment, for a brutal machete attack on his ex-girlfriend.

52-year-old Armando Vergara-Martinez will spend the next 26 to 65 years locked up for the attack. The stabbing didn't kill his victim, but cancer took her life nearly six-months later.

It was a chaotic scene outside the courtroom. A woman collapsed after learning the relative she came to support, will likely die in prison.

"It must have been excruciating for this victim," said Judge Abbi Silver.

Vergara-Martinez was already convicted of attempted murder, mayhem and battery with a deadly weapon, for attacking Maria Gomez with a machete in 2012 when he hacked off her hands and stabbed her seven times.

Amazingly, Gomez survived but uterine cancer took her life five-months and three-weeks later.

On Thursday, Vergara-Martinez apologized in Spanish to his family who sat in the courtroom, and to his victim's family. But not everyone was buying it.

"That's him. He likes to beat up on women," said Victor Ortiz, victim's brother.

Gomez's biggest supporters said her attacker deserves his punishment.

Ortiz's sister had told him before she died, she hoped her ex would rot in jail. He's now satisfied that just might happen.

"It makes me feel good that this guy is going to be there for a long, long time," said Ortiz.

Maria Gomez was 53 when she died. Her attacker had already served time behind bars, for assaulting her in the past.