Locals now accepting ice bucket challenge that's sweeping social media

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Locals now accepting ice bucket challenge that's sweeping social media

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 18, 2014

The ice bucket challenge has gone viral on social media in the last few weeks. Celebrities, politicians, sports stars and others have taken the challenge to help raise money for the ALS Association.

The ice bucket challenge had actually been making the rounds online for several weeks before it was tied to ALS.

According to the New York Times, "Today Show" host Matt Lauer was one of the first big names to take the challenge on July 15. At the time, he said he would be donating to the Hospice of Palm beach County. He challenged Brian Williams, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern.

In late July, 29-year-old former college baseball player Pete Frates heard about the challenge. He nominated himself to take the challenge and posted "ice water and ALS are a bad mix" on his Facebook page. His video, which shows him bouncing his head to the 1989 hit "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, went viral and that is when the challenge became associated with ALS.

Frates did the challenge again just last week at Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park. This time he actually had ice dumped on his head.

Other big names that have taken the challenge include Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, Chris Pratt, George Takei, Mark Zuckenberg, Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, Triple H, Jennifer Lopez, several country stars and race car driver Brian Vickers.

According to the ALS Association, they have received $13.3 million in donations since July 29, compared with $1.7 million during the same period last year. So far, there have been about 260,000 new donations because of the ice bucket challenge.

Several well-known locals are now getting in on the act. Governor Brian Sandoval did the challenge on Aug. 15 and posted the video to his Facebook. He then challenged Sen. Harry Reid, U.S. Senator Dean Heller and Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.


Sisolak made good on the challenge today. He let some of his coworkers dump buckets of ice water on him. He then challenged Mayor Goodman, District Attorney Steve Wolfson (who happily accepted) and Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

If you have participated in the ice bucket challenge, we would like to see your video. Post the link to your video in the comments below.



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