6-year-old Henderson student launches "space" mission


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6-year-old Henderson student launches "space" mission

By Denise Wong. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- A local first-grader is on a space mission. Well, sort of.

Samantha Johnson is on a mission to get an astronaut to visit her charter school in Henderson. The six-year-old has been in love with space since she was four-years-old and wants other kids to get interested in it as well.

Two years ago, Johnson got her parents to contact NASA so she could get into the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. That worked and she's got the photos to prove it.

But now, she is hoping NASA can help her with her goal of getting an astronaut to speak at her first grade class at Pinecrest Academy of Nevada in Henderson.  

Her parents said the little girl came up with this idea on her own. Anthony Johnson said his daughter had him contact Sen. Harry Reid's office. He hasn't heard back, but that didn't stop his daughter from asking him to help her email President Barack Obama to see what he could do. They sent that email out on Thursday. 

Samantha Johnson's classmates are hoping her plan works. Her parents said this is a little girl who doesn't give up easily.

Her principal at Pinecrest said he encourages his students to dream big and go after what they want. She's already inspiring him.