Litter of puppies euthanized at Animal Foundation sparks outrage


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Litter of puppies euthanized at Animal Foundation sparks outrage

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Dec 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A litter of ten pit bull puppies, only three days old, have been euthanized by the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas.

It has prompted outrage from No Kill Las Vegas, a local activist group, that said the shelter hardly did enough get those dogs into a foster home before deciding to put them down.

"To see a puppy that's only three days old [be] killed, I don't know how somebody does that," said Bryce Henderson with No Kill Las Vegas.

The Animal Foundation's policy is to hold new dogs for three days before euthanizing them, if it finds there is no space available to keep them. In that time, shelter staff and volunteers search for temporary homes.

"We didn't have enough foster families. We needed more. We always need more," said Andy Bischel with the Animal Foundation. Bischel told Action News it was impossible to find a foster parent  who was able to take in a litter of ten puppies and a mother during the holidays.

No Kill Las Vegas, however, said that's a poor excuse. The group claims the shelter never even put the dogs up on its online foster list or Facebook.

"It really drives the point that [the shelter] doesn't care that much. It's just easier to put the puppies down and they don't think that anybody's going to find out about it. Unfortunately, they're wrong," added Henderson.

Action News asked the shelter why it didn't put out a public cry for help on social media or to the television news stations.

Bischel responded with, "That's the function of the foster list. It's constantly running and alerting every possible outlet that we have."

Although Bischel admits he's unsure if the dogs made it onto the online list, he has fired back, claiming the shelter's foster coordinators put forth the appropriate effort.

Additionally, he said overall operations are dramatically improving. The Animal Foundation reports that by the end of 2013, it should see a 22-percent rate reduction in euthanizations since last year.

Regardless of rate, No Kill Las Vegas said even one puppy euthanization is still too many.

"They're so innocent and they haven't even been given a chance to live a decent life," said Henderson.

To learn how to become a foster parent for the Animal Foundation, call the shelter at (702) 384-3333.