Library at Nellis Air Force Base closing its doors

Library at Nellis Air Force Base closing its doors

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Sep 26, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Nellis Air Force Base Library is closing its doors on Monday, Sept. 30.

The closure is due to the sequestration.

They will be dividing some of its services, such as computer classes and computer support, to other facilities. However, they will be saving the children's book collection for future use.

They are unsure when, if ever, the library will reopen.

It could stay closed even after the sequestration ends, if it does.

In an email to Action News, its public affairs department said, "Due to ongoing fiscal/budget constraints, Air Combat Command eliminated the funding to maintain library services throughout the command for fiscal year 2014. Because of this, Nellis will be suspending all library services effective Sept. 30. To prepare for suspense of services, we've eliminated 'check-out' services of books and all other items in the collection as of last week. Existing orders for books from the Clark County Library system will still be delivered."