Las Vegas toddler dies after swallowing small battery


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Las Vegas toddler dies after swallowing small battery

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Little Julian Wilson would've been two-years-old this December. But last week, his grandmother Elena Derbyshire said the child died suddenly.

"It just happened all so fast and it was really hard," she said. 
According to the coroner, Julian died after swallowing a battery. He was home with his young mother Mariah Geason when she saw something was wrong. 
"She said he fell to the bathroom floor and he wasn't breathing," Derbyshire said. "Then he started to vomit blood." 
Paramedics rushed Julian to Sunrise Children's Hospital where he died. An autopsy showed the child swallowed what the coroner calls a camera battery, which is a small, round and flat battery. 
"The battery acid just destroyed his esophagus and his stomach," Derbyshire said. 
The family doesn't know when Julian swallowed the battery or where he got it. 
"I have a light with a remote and it changes the color," Geason said. "That's the only battery he could have swallowed."
Julian family said he was acting normal up until the day he died except they noticed he wanted a little more love and attention. 
"He was very clingy and that hurts me too because I don't know if he was trying to tell me something was wrong," Derbyshire said. "Or he was just trying to say goodbye."
When Julian's mom called police they didn't know what was wrong with the little boy. Officers contacted Child Protective Services and both agencies are now investigating. 
In a statement from Sunrise Hospital, a spokesperson said, "While this type of accident is very rare, it reminds us of how important it is for parents to take extra precaution when child-proofing their homes."
The family has set up a fund to help pay for funeral expenses. If you'd like to make a donation, click here.