Las Vegas police discuss termination of officer involved in shooting

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Las Vegas police discuss termination of officer involved in shooting

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Oct 17, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Las Vegas police spoke out on Thursday about Sheriff Doug Gillespie's decision to fire the officer who shot and killed unarmed veteran, Stanley Gibson.

After 22 months on paid leave, Officer Jesus Arevalo was officially taken off the force this week.

A press conference was held at Metro's Headquarters on Thursday to answer questions about the termination.

But Sheriff Gillespie was out of town and not available for questions.

Undersheriff Jim Dixon was on hand and reiterated that Arevalo had his badge pulled this week for firing seven rounds into Gibson's vehicle, ultimately killing him.

Internal boards recommended he be let go, and the sheriff sided with them on Tuesday.

Some of the major concerns addressed on Thursday: What about the police radio system? That was put into question that night for possible malfunctioning.

The undersheriff said the radio didn't cause all the problems out there, but it was still an issue. It's being phased out in the next year.

When asked about an encounter Arevalo had at a church while he was on paid leave, which resulted in charges being filed against him, the undersheriff claimed that ordeal played a role in the decision to fire him.

Also discussed in Thursday's press conference: The lieutenant who commanded the initial round of firing bean-bags at Gibson, has been demoted to a patrol officer in light of the shooting.

Metro said it took so long to make this decision because they were waiting to see whether the district attorney's office was planning to prosecute.