Las Vegas pet shop arson case outrages animal activists

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Las Vegas pet shop arson case outrages animal activists

By Denise Wong. CREATED Feb 5, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The case surrounding Gloria Lee, the pet shop owner accused of arson, has outraged many people in our community.

A crowd of animal lovers stood in front of the courthouse on Wednesday morning, making their message clear.

"We absolutely believe that the punishment should fit the crime whenever you hurt an animal," said Gina Greisen, Nevada Voters for Animals.

Nevada Voters for Animals was not the only group outside the courthouse. Even residents who'd never rallied before wanted to be part of the rally.

But the rally didn't end outside of the courthouse. Demonstrators sat inside to get a look at the woman accused of endangering 27 puppies, and said this is only the beginning.

Animal rights activists said they're going to show up for every single one of Lee's court appearances, which includes her bail hearing this Friday.

"I don't think they realize that all of us animal activists in Nevada, we are very strong," said Cheryl Prater.

Prater said she wants to make sure Lee is convicted on felony charges.

But the activists are not just focused on what happens at the courthouse. Their thoughts are with the puppies, now being care for by the Animal Foundation.

The district attorney said he's hoping the dogs will be put up for foster adoption sometime soon, which provides some comfort to those fighting for them.