Las Vegas man arrested for allegedly stabbing stepfather's dog

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Las Vegas man arrested for allegedly stabbing stepfather's dog

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Dec 9, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A Las Vegas man was arrested for allegedly killing his stepfather's dog.

On Dec. 5, police were called to a domestic situation on Snead Drive, near Valley View Boulevard. The caller said 22-year-old Jeremy Espiritu had stabbed one of the family dogs with a knife.

When officers arrived, they saw blood all over the house, and a medium-sized black dog that was bleeding.

Espiritu then walked out of a nearby room, towards the officers.

According to the arrest report, Espiritu's mother asked him why he would do such a thing. Espiritu answered, "Because I wanted to. I like to hurt dogs."

When police spoke with the stepfather about what happened, he said he was sleeping and woke up to the sound of what he described as a child or dog screaming. He then saw the dog bleeding heavily from her neck.

The dog belongs to the stepfather; Espiritu has no ownership of the dog. In addition, Espiritu does not live in the home.

When police asked Espiritu if he stabbed the dog to protect himself from an attack, he responded, "Nope. I just wanted to stab the dog, so I sat on the floor and cut its neck."

The officers then drove the dog to the animal hospital, as it was still alive and breathing. The staff tried to stabilize the dog, but due to the amount of blood the dog had lost, they were not successful and the dog died.

According to the report, because Espiritu killed a dog that does not belong to him, for what appears to be unrelated to self defense and acting on an urge, he was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.