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Las Vegas Wash construction hurting area businesses


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Las Vegas Wash construction hurting area businesses

By Jacqui Heinrich. CREATED Apr 15, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Residents and business owners are having a tough time with a six-month construction project undertaken by the county after flood waters ripped through the Las Vegas Wash area nearly two years ago.

Detours and heavy traffic are forcing commuters to stray away from their regular routes, and it's not just causing a travel inconvenience, but affecting businesses too.

"We can't get through, we have to drive all the way around, traffic is a nightmare," said Tamara Giles, who live in the area.

Commutes up to an hour longer, long lights at stoplights and cuts through parking lots to avoid intersections. are just a few of the symptoms of the construction project at Sahara and Sloan, and it's left commuters clogging the roadways.

"Everybody's trying to get to one spot at the same time so it's basically like road rage running around here right now," Marcus Miller, an area resident, told Action News.

County officials said redoing the Sahara bridge will take five more months, but it's necessary to mitigate flood problems which nearly two years ago filled several homes with water and even swept one man under.

Business owners said they're being hit the hardest. Andrea Cuevas works as a cashier at Discount Liquor on Sahara and Sloan.

"We are actually losing 20 to 30-percent because people do not want to come anymore," she said.

The shop has been running sales and promotions trying to bring customers in, selling many items for more than 30-percent off, which barely leaves the store with a profit, and they said it's still not increasing business.

"Five more months? With one month affecting us, can you imagine five more? It's going to hurt us," Cuevas said.

Gas stations are also reporting 30-percent losses, having to reduce employee hours. Guadalupe Cook, a mother of three, has been picking up extra shifts at more than ten locations across the area trying to make up for the loss off income.

"It's a struggle," Cook told Action News. "If you bring less money into the house, you still have to pay the bills."

Shops are circulating a petition to the county, imploring them to speed up the project before they go under, and people who live in the area are hoping it is successful. "They need to open it back up as fast as possible," Giles said.

County officials said although they haven't seen the petition yet, they are working to expedite the project.

Jacqui Heinrich

Jacqui Heinrich

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Jacqui Heinrich is currently a general assignment reporter for Action News.