Las Vegas Sands Corp. website hacked, FBI now involved


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Las Vegas Sands Corp. website hacked, FBI now involved

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Feb 11, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Early Tuesday morning, the Las Vegas Sands Corporation said it learned its websites had been hacked.

The corporation's websites now show the sites are undergoing maintenance, and listed are the direct phone numbers for its casinos in the United States and Asia. A spokesperson for the corporation said it's still unknown if personal information was compromised during the security breach.

Here in the valley, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. operates The Venetian and The Palazzo. The websites for the casinos in Pennsylvania, Singapore and Macao are also down.

An email received on Tuesday from the FBI in Las Vegas reads the bureau, "Is aware of the situation and addressing it as appropriate."

Part of the corporation's statement released on Tuesday reads that in addition to the websites being hacked, so have, "Some office productivity systems in the U.S."

A spokesperson for the corporation told Action News that some of those systems could include employee emails. The corporation does not yet know if personal information was stolen.

Local IT Expert Curt Miller with Anexeon said people usually think these attacks happen from the outside, but that's rarely true, "It's usually an employee or internal user surfing the web and unknowingly [downloading] a trojan. It's like unlocking all the doors."

This hacking situation comes at a time when other huge companies such Target and Michaels are facing major online security breaches.

Miller thinks it's simply the day in age where the tech-savvy are preying on the uneducated, "The Internet is like a big city. It's got good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods and most people don't really know how to tell if they're in a bad neighborhood on the internet."

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation's websites will be under maintenance until further notice.