Jalen's Gift Foundation continues to help families who have lost a child


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Jalen's Gift Foundation continues to help families who have lost a child

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Jan 16, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A few months ago we introduced you to a little boy named Jalen. He lived for six months in his mother's womb before a strep B infection took his life one year ago.

In that year, his parents have grieved and then five months ago started Jalen's Gift Foundation. Now an update on the tiny boy having a big impact.

In five months, Jalen's Gift Foundation has helped countless families who have lost a baby.

Jermone Foster is Jalen's Father, "You always hear people say I could never imagine what's happening. I can understand that now. We never imagined this.This is amazing."

What's truly amazing is what Jalen's legacy is accomplishing. In five months, his foundation has delivered from than 100 memorial packages to local hospitals to comfort grieving families.

There are more than 120 people in their support group. It grew so fast, so large, Nathan Adelson Hospice now provides their meeting space. Health Plan on Nevada surprised Jalen's Gift Foundation with a $5,000 check. Dee for Dentist handed over $1,500 when Jalen's Gift Foundation won their Facebook contest.

Michael Cruz with Dee for Dentist said, "When we met them we knew it was right. They were so genuine. There is no one better to run their cause than them. They are wonderful people. We are glad to meet them and help them out."

He's right. On the one-year anniversary of Jalen's death, his parents were attending another baby's memorial, paid for by Jalen's Gift Foundation.

Jalen's mom said, "To look back a year ago where we were feeling so lost and not knowing what to do or where to go, and to have that feeling that you want to make a difference and to actually do it is beyond words."

Jalen's Gift Foundation also has a professional photographer who captures images of their families saying hello and goodbye. This is baby Joshua's family and this is the tiny urn his family chose, which was paid for by Jalen's Gift Foundation.

But since we first met Jalen's heartbroken parents, there is one other bit of news.

"We are actually going to try for another baby this year. That's a big change from last time."

And that baby will have one amazing brother named Jalen watching over.

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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