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Pet shop arson suspects discuss surveillance video in jailhouse call


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Pet shop arson suspects discuss surveillance video in jailhouse call

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Mar 12, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Surveillance video shows a woman and hooded man allegedly preparing to light a pet shop on fire. Prosecutors said it's the store owner Gloria Lee and her boyfriend Kirk Bills in the video.

New jailhouse conversations between the two, before Bills was arrested, may indicate he thought he got away. 

"Why are they looking for me?" Bills asked Lee on the phone. "How do you know that though?" she replied. "They chased me," he said. "Where?" she asked.  "It doesn't matter where. I got away," he said. 

Prosecutors said Bills made it all the way from Las Vegas to Indiana where federal agents picked him up. The taped interrogation of Bills was also released. Bills denies its him in the video. 

"You want me to say I was there when I wasn't," Bills said. "You want me to say I did it when I didn't."

During the interrogation investigators went on to tell Bills that witnesses saw him at the store the night of the fire and the next day.

A closer look at the surveillance video shows a man pouring liquid all around the shop. He then lights a paper on fire and the store goes up in flames. The 27 puppies inside scramble tot he back of their cages. 

But from every angle of the surveillance video Bills' lawyer said the hooded man's face isn't visible. 

"If you look at the video you can't see any indication that it's my client whatsoever," Bills' attorney, Rodger Bailey, said. 

That's also what Lee told Bills in those jailhouse phone calls before his interrogation. 

"Remember this," Lee said. "They don't know nothing."

Lee originally told investigators the man in the video was someone who threatened her and forced her into her shop. Investigators said she later changed her story. 

Bills maintains he was home with his wife and children the night of the pet store fire and that he and Lee had ended their relationship.