Hugh Jackman $100M payday on the way?

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Hugh Jackman $100M payday on the way?

By Erin Duvall. CREATED Aug 15, 2013

Is $100 million the magic number for Hugh Jackman? The Australian actor has been offered the super payday to reprise his role as Wolverine for four more comic book-inspired franchise films.

Jackman first donned the adamantium claws in 2000 for “X-Men,” then again in 2003 for the sequel, “X2.” Since then, the 44-year-old star has played the mutant three more times for “X-Men: Last Stand,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and the recently released, “The Wolverine.” He can also be seen in the role for the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” due out in 2014, according to IMDB.

However, the versatile actor who earned an Oscar-nomination for his portrayal of Jean Valjean for 2012’s "Les Miserables," may not be interested in remaining with the franchise.

“I’m not sure. I wasn’t even sure after the first [stand-alone] film if I would do another,” Jackman told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. “ I won’t say never, because I’m still loving it. But there would have to be a pretty compelling reason.”

Word is Jackman could be in the market for more dramatic roles. In September, his upcoming film “Prisoners” will be released. In it, he stars as a father who abducts the person he suspects is behind the disappearance of his daughter and her best friend.