GED test changing with the times after new year


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GED test changing with the times after new year

By Jacqui Heinrich. CREATED Nov 6, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- High school dropouts wanting to get their GED should jump on it before the end of this year, according to the College of Southern Nevada.

The GED test is changing Jan. 1 and the new exam will have a whole different set of questions to reflect the "high tech age."

Questions on the current exam were written in 2002, and test officials said they're out-of-date. "The test questions try to reflect change of time. So more computer-based, because they indicate you are ready for your award just like high school graduates," said Soon Holl, testing director for CSN.

Testing officials said anyone who took a test and failed any portion between 2002 and now, should take the exam again before the new test comes out. It's especially important for people who failed one section but did well on others. Usually people can keep their high scores and just retake the portion they failed, but since the test is changing partial scores won't be usable anymore after the new year, and people will have to retake the whole exam.

The new exam will also be conducted online instead of on paper, so costs will be lower and results will come in instantly, except for the writing section which has to be scored by a person.
Holl said the online exam will also take less time than the old paper exam, since testers can complete sections at their own pace instead of having to wait for the group time to expire before moving on to the next subject.
Testing officials said GED test prep courses will be changing too, so if you're studying now and were planning to take the exam after Jan. 1, you should reschedule for sometime before the year's end, while questions you studied for will still be on the exam.
Jacqui Heinrich

Jacqui Heinrich

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