Frank Marino gets candid with Action News about having plastic surgery

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Frank Marino gets candid with Action News about having plastic surgery

By Megan Telles. CREATED Dec 12, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- He's known as the longest running headliner on the Las Vegas Strip. Now, female impersonator and comedian Frank Marino is ready for a change.

Marino has become a regular on Action News Midday, recapping all things Dancing with the Stars. But he had a major procedure done this week, and took Action News behind the scenes to explain why.

It's not easy being Frank Marino: A man by day, drag queen by night in "Divas Las Vegas" at The Quad.

On Monday, Marino ditched those glittery gowns and slipped on a surgical gown, taking the next step to get a face lift.

It's a common procedure for those in his career. But it's the number of procedures he's had that may surprise you.

"I would say I've had 15 plastic surgeries. I know I did my chin four times because I wasn't happy with it," said Marino. "I had my nose done like three times."

He also admits perfection is his addiction. His first surgery was at the age of 16, "When I realized I could take care of a problem like that, it becomes addicting, I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to recommend it to anyone."

Marino said cosmetic surgery is his way of "Keeping up with the Joneses," or in his glamorous world, "The Divas."

"I go on stage every night and I have Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Pink, and we're taking pictures of these kids in their 20s, I just turned 50. I don't have to compete for them, but I want to be able to look good for me, the way they look good for themselves," he explained.

After years of research, Marino selected two doctors for what could be his final surgery.

"He's a tough patient because he dresses as a woman during the show and has two conflicting desires. One to look feminine and the other is to maintain his masculinity," said Dr. Goesel Anson, plastic surgeon.

Dr. Anson perfects his eyelids and lifts his face.

Dr. Mark Glyman, maxillofacial surgeon, redefines his angles, "What I have to be able to do is put these implants in, secure them so they don't move, so that it gives him definition to his jawline."

"It's like Russian Roulette. You don't want to do it but if you survive, it's a high when you finally come out of it," said Marino.

Marino said he's doing really well after having his surgery on Monday, but really swollen in the jaw.

Marino said he will share before and after photos with Action News, so stay tuned.

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