Flood talks get heated at northwest's town hall meeting


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Flood talks get heated at northwest's town hall meeting

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Sep 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Northwest valley residents packed the room where a town hall meeting was held Thursday night to discuss the recent floods.

City officials explained to residents that the flood event exceeded the 100 year flood plan they devised with the help of the Regional Flood Control District, but explained that they're doing all they can to expedite clean up efforts and devise a new prevention plan.

The city says the Kyle Canyon Detention Basin, meant to hold run-off before slowly releasing it downstream, worked perfectly during the recent floods. The major problem, officials point out, is the lack of an underground drainage system to guide the flow of water through the city. They say the lack of that system boils down to a funding issue.

This week, an announcement was made that the city will now plan the construction of an underground drainage system along Grand Teton, west of U.S. 95, with a completion date set for roughly 18 months from now.

Despite the city's efforts, several residents at the meeting say the city's response isn't good enough.

Some residents believe that the city should be paying for any flood damages sustained on private property, noting that they believe it's the city's fault that it never put in an underground drainage system in the first place.

One disgruntled resident said, "This isn't my trash. This is the city's problem because they didn't prioritize properly."

Other residents say the underground drainage system's estimated completion date is too far off, leaving a host of potential flooding problems in the meantime.

Resident Jeff Herald tells Action News, "[I guess] we'll continue to do what we did last weekend which was help people who got stuck in the mud and stuck in the flood." 

Councilman Steve Ross reiterated to residents that there were no lives nor homes lost in these floods.