Firefly in Henderson permanently closes its doors

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Firefly in Henderson permanently closes its doors

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Apr 15, 2014

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- The Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar located on Eastern Avenue in Henderson has closed its doors for good.

Firefly owners, John and Tabitha Simmons, released a statement on Tuesday about the closure:

"For a considerable period of time we have been reviewing our business plan and strategically deciding where to best allocate our resources. After careful consideration, we have decided to permanently close the Henderson Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar location at 11261 S. Eastern Ave.

We based our decision on changing demands and market competition at the locations where our restaurants are located. Although a difficult one, this decision will enable us to sharpen our focus on our two highest performing Firefly locations, while at the same time allowing us to refine our newest restaurant concept, Tacos & Beer, to be located at 3900 Paradise Road.

The closure of the Henderson location is a disappointment for all of us at Firefly because our employees are like an extended family to us. To that end, we are making a strong effort to re-hire Henderson employees at our other locations and we hope we will be able to effectively absorb as many employees at our two other Firefly locations and our new Tacos & Beer.

Going forward, for those Henderson employees that we will be unable to absorb, we are imposing a hiring policy that provides preferential consideration to former Henderson employees before we hire other new employees at our restaurants.

Our commitment to our customers remains the same today as it has been for the past 10 years -- we are singularly focused on the success of all of our restaurants, and will continue to deliver popular dishes and drinks to our loyal customers."

The Henderson location of Firefly was recently featured in Dirty Dining. In March, health inspectors found improper food handling and unsafe temperatures of food, among other things.

The restaurant fired three employees following the health inspection.

The 36 employees at the Henderson Firefly were told they were out of a job on Tuesday morning. The restaurant officially closed its doors on Monday.