Family of man found dead in apartment on Meikle Lane speaks out


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Family of man found dead in apartment on Meikle Lane speaks out

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Jun 1, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- While police continue to investigate the murder of 49-year-old William Sanford, his family is trying to make sense of this horrific crime.

They have so many questions why this gentle, loving and popular man was killed. But, they remain confident whoever took his life will be caught.

Monica Manuel can't comprehend the father of her son is gone. The body of Sanford was found Thursday afternoon. His alleged murder a mystery. His loved ones are shattered. 

"The last thing William said to me was, 'What's my son's number so I can call him?' Those were his last words to me," said Manuel.

Kera Sanford said her father was her counselor and best friend and made her who she is today. He took care of his parents every day and was loved by everyone.  

"More women loved him more than they should have but we're Sanfords. People love us," said Kera.

Family members said they hadn't heard from William all day. Police came to his apartment on Meikle Lane to see if he was okay.

A resident also reported blood found in front of Sanford's apartment. That's when police discovered his body lying on the floor inside. They said it was a gruesome crime scene. The Sanford family has no explanation.

"I just know whoever did this to William knew him, was very personal and they need to be brought to justice," said Manuel.

What they do know is William Sanford didn't deserve to die and they will remain strong as a family in his memory.

"We will continue to smile and let his legacy live on and continue to have fun and be with each other, because he was really concerned about us staying together as a unit," said Kera. 

Police said they have no motive, no suspects and have made no arrests. We still await the cause of death.

Services are planned for this Saturday.