Family, friends of Savers stabbing victim speak out to Action News


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Family, friends of Savers stabbing victim speak out to Action News

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Apr 17, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Bruce Reid's two children are trying to cope with the devastating news. Their 52-year-old father was stabbed Wednesday afternoon in the Savers parking lot on Rancho Dr.

Now, they must accept he is gone.

"To think that I was going to come here and spend the weekend with him. It's hard that I'm here and he's not coming back," said daughter Rebecca Reid.

The former Marine was a champion cyclist who raced with Lance Armstrong. At one time he was second in the nation. Friends said he was a true gentleman.

"He would do anything for anybody in any way, shape or form and he was always there for everyone," said friend Kimberly Crispin.

But his ex-wife said in recent years Reid had gone down a darker path. 

"If I have to sum it up into a few words, I would say he is free from his torment that he had been in," said Stephanie Quatrochi. 

Police said he was trying to help a woman feuding with Cody Bradbury. Reid took her to Savers. Bradbury followed them, and kicked Reid's motorcycle over. 

Police said Reid then confronted Bradbury, got him into a bear hug and tried to get him to calm down. Punches were thrown, then Bradbury pulled out a sharp weapon.

A witness said he saw Bradbury reach across and slam the weapon right into the victim's chest right where his heart is.

Now as his family and friends mourn his death, they want him to be remembered as the man who did so much for so many.

"I want this to be a celebration of his life and who he was. I truly do because he was an awesome man and I'm grateful that he's free," said Quatrochi.