Facebook considering new 'sympathize' option for posts


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Facebook considering new 'sympathize' option for posts

By Megan Telles. CREATED Dec 9, 2013

Menlo Park, CA (KTNV) -- Have you ever felt wrong clicking the "like" button on a gloomier Facebook post?

According to Facebook engineers, users might be able to ditch the "like" button for a more appropriate clicking option.

Dan Muriello, a software engineer at Facebook, said a new "sympathize" option has been well-received at a recent conference, where the people behind software development, collaborate and deliver new ideas.

What's the sympathize button?

This could be the future of Facebook; a chance for people to have options. Other than "like," "comment" and "share," Muriello's colleagues mapped out the "sympathize" option.

If someone were to select a negative emotion like "sad" or "irritated" from Facebook's list of feelings, then "sympathize" would replace "like" underneath the Facebook post.

The idea focuses on the notion of: Who wants to give a thumbs up to someone who posts about losing their childhood pet, or someone dealing with a breakup?

The new option could resolve that issue.

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