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Duo accused in plot to kill police officers will go to trial

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Duo accused in plot to kill police officers will go to trial

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Sep 26, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The duo accused of plotting to kidnap and kill Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers was in court on Thursday.

But the hearing turned contentious with another outburst from one of the suspects, David Brutsche, telling the judge he objected to the entire hearing.

The judge was fed up with these types of outbursts and scolded Brutsche, "Your duty is to just sit there and listen, talk to your attorney, assist your attorney in the defense. But I've made a ruling, we will proceed in this case."

Brutsche told the judge he wanted to represent himself in this hearing but the judge said he was incompetent.

The preliminary hearing wrapped up on Thursday afternoon and the judge has decided the two suspects, Brutsche and Devon Newman, will go to trial.

The two are accused of an elaborate plot to kidnap and kill a Metro officer.

Detectives said the two identify with the Sovereign Citizens Movement, which is a domestic terrorist group.

It took police three months in an undercover sting to take down the two suspects.

One undercover detective who testified in court on Thursday said Brutsche was at some point on to the sting, "He did tell me that if at any time he found out that I was an undercover cop he would do whatever he could to kill me."

The suspect's lawyer told Action News the suspects have been peaceful, and that it was the undercover officers who provided them with the tools they needed to carry out this alleged plot.

Their arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 8.