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Diet soda sales going flat

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Diet soda sales going flat

CREATED Dec 10, 2013

Atlanta, GA (KTNV) -- America's love affair with diet soda is beginning to go flat.

For nine straight years, sales of carbonated beverages have been dropping. For the past three, the drop-off in diet soda has been steeper than regular soft drinks.

Consumption of zero and low-calorie beverages is almost down 7 percent this year. Regular soda is down just 2 percent.

Studies show drinking sugar-free soda does not guarantee weight loss.

One study found that subjects who drank two or more diet soft drinks a day, had their waist lines grow five-times faster than those who drank no soft drinks.

The American Beverage Association said, "Our industry believes in the soft drink business and sees opportunity for continued innovation and growth."

The biggest beverage growth recently has been energy drinks and water.