Culinary workers warn of possible strike


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Culinary workers warn of possible strike

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Sep 16, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Wall Street investors got a warning this past week that business could take a hit throughout Las Vegas as 44,000 members of the local Culinary Workers Union consider a city-wide strike.

They did so by identifying more than 30 properties they are currently negotiating new contracts with.
They've already approved increased dues to offset lost wages.
"This $25 will be in case we need it in the future for any of the properties, for the workers so they have money, strike benefits," Geoconda Arguello-Kline, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Culinary Workers Union said.
Union leaders said the letter to investors was not meant as a threat, but was more of a precaution they take any time they start building up their financial reserves in preparation for a possible strike.
"To tell you the truth we don't have a date yet. First the members have to vote to go on strike. Right now we are in negotiation process," Arguello-Kline said.
Local casino companies said they are continuing their effort to come to an agreement that pleases both sides.
"MGM Resorts’ discussions with the Unions remain substantive, and we are confident we will arrive at a contract agreement shortly. Joint subcommittees continue to  meet and make progress toward a mutually beneficial conclusion. We feel this new leaflet does not accurately reflect our situation. However, the Unions are negotiating with a number of companies simultaneously. Not all talks may be progressing as well as ours," MGM Resorts Vice President of Public Affairs Gordon Absher said in a written statement.
Tourists are hoping a deal is close so it won't impact future trips.
"You came out to party, but you also came to eat a lot so obviously it would impact us," Pamela Cobos said.
While residents are hoping the dispute doesn't turn away tourists who generate tax revenue.
"Our city needs all these people here, and all these strikes are not good, but I understand their positions," Tom Jackson said.
The contracts at the center of the discussion expired on June first, but the union and casinos are working under an extension that can be terminated by either side with 14 days notice.
Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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