Council votes to ban glass, aluminum containers under Fremont canopy

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Council votes to ban glass, aluminum containers under Fremont canopy

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Jun 18, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A can of beer in hand under the Fremont Street Experience will soon mean you're breaking the law.

This, after the Las Vegas City Council voted unanimously to ban drinking alcohol from metal or glass containers under the canopy.

"This makes it easier for Metro police and licensing to enforce what already exists," said Jeff Victor, president of Fremont Street Experience.

What already exists is essentially a ban on buying packaged liquor at a store on the FSE and opening it up to drink underneath the canopy.

The city council said it's all in an effort to clean up the FSE and prevent people from getting too rowdy, two issues the council admits it took too long to address.

"We've got to move on from this," Councilman Steve Ross said. "We've got to get this passed."

But, before the council could move on, it heard from locals who said the new ordinance forces them to spend more money, buying from downtown hotels and restaurants.

"It's not fair to consumers," local Raymond Fletcher said.

Attorney Bob Gronauer has been fighting the council on this issue on behalf of the ABC Store on the FSE. He predicts the ordinance will affect the stores bottom line and it's just the beginning of more regulations to come.

"This is essentially death by a thousand cuts," he said. "The city is taking one slice at a time."

But hotels and restaurants aren't exempt either.

"Casinos are going to have to adjust their operation also," Victor said. "The liquor they sell at a bar will have to be in a plastic cup, as opposed to its original packaging."

Guests are not barred from purchasing packaged liquor and taking it into their hotel room to drink.

The ordinance will take effect next week.