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Cliven Bundy apologizes to those offended by his slavery comments

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Cliven Bundy apologizes to those offended by his slavery comments

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Apr 25, 2014

Bunkerville, NV (KTNV) -- Cliven Bundy continues to address criticisms over his statements that are being labeled as racist.

He held another press conference on Friday, to offer an apology to anyone who may have been offended by his comments on slavery.

Bundy brought the issue up at the beginning of the press conference, before he even took any questions. While he said he's sorry to anyone he may have offended, he said he's still not going to take back what he said.

"If I did, I ask for your forgiveness, but I'm not withdrawing what I said. I don't know if I said it right, but it came from my heart. The reason it came from my heart, is I'm concerned about all these individuals. I believe they should have equal rights. I believe they are equal in the sense that they were created equal, and I think their opportunity in this world should be equal."

Bundy made those comments in front of a large crowd at the Bundy ranch.

He went on to say he is not a racist and he believes the Constitution should extend to every individual.

"I believe they ought to be able to have the freedom of speech. The freedom of religion. Freedom of their own employment and love mate."

When asked why he's not abiding by the ruling against him that came from the federal court created under article 3 of that same Constitution, Bundy said it's because he believes the court has no say, because he claims the federal government does not own the land. Instead he believes any ruling against him would have to come from the state court under article 4 of the Constitution.

"When I challenge the jurisdiction of article 3, I say I live in the state of Nevada. I do not live in a territory. I have no contract with the U.S. Government. What are you doing dealing with me and my property."

Meanwhile, his supporters are preparing for a party being held there on Friday evening.

The family said they are reaching out to the African-American and Latino communities for the party, and anyone is invited.

Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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