Clark County decides how many pot shops will be allowed in each city


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Clark County decides how many pot shops will be allowed in each city

By Jacqui Heinrich. CREATED May 6, 2014

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- We now know exactly how many medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to operate in Clark County.

State law says Southern Nevada gets a total of 40 medical marijuana dispensaries, but there is another provision that says no single city can have more than 25-percent of the pool.

As many jurisdictions are creating application processes to set up pot shops, there has been confusion over how many will go where.

"There were some jurisdictions who assumed they each got 10, and that was never what was in state law let alone what was envisioned," said Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

Clark County commissioners broke it down at Tuesday's meeting. They looked at population data for each jurisdiction in Clark County and figured out how many dispensaries each city would be allotted. It came down to 18 for unincorporated Clark County, 12 for the City of Las Vegas, five for Henderson, four for North Las Vegas and one for Mesquite.

It's good information for people trying to jump into the budding industry, as it outlines their chances.

"Now they know exactly what they have, because it's not fair to all the applicants who may not get selected by us and they're going to go to the other jurisdictions as well," Giunchigliani said.

What's not yet set in stone: Exactly where those pot shops will end up in each neighborhood. An applicant's chances of making the cut depends on how their chosen location lines up with where people live.

"We're gonna look at bus lines, that will be part of what we look at on someone's plan," Giunchigliani told Action News.

Also unanswered: Just how many grow houses and testing facilities will exist. There's no law capping that number and each jurisdiction will recommend the state select as many applicants that qualify.

Clark County will decide in early June which of the 90 dispensary applications make the cut. They also extended the deadline to apply for a marijuana testing lab to May 16.

Jacqui Heinrich

Jacqui Heinrich

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