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City council to consider 'party house' rules


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City council to consider 'party house' rules

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Aug 18, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A crackdown on so-called "party houses" is moving forward to the Las Vegas City Council. 

It’s part of a long battle to reduce problems caused by short term rentals.
Jewel Dixon says he loves hanging out in his spacious backyard, but says a constant stream of renters are ruining the quality of life in his normally peaceful neighborhood near Valley View and Alta.
"We never know weekend to weekend, or even during the week what is going to come in there," Dixon said.
The home next to Dixon’s on Campbell is the impetus for a pair of proposed ordinances going before the city council aimed at the short-term rentals, meaning those where people stay for less than a month.
Upset neighbors call them "party houses" because of the number of people passing through them.
“Some of them they have big diesel buses 20 to 30 people coming in here," Dixon said.
Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, who sponsored the ordinances, says these short-term rentals have become businesses in residential neighborhoods.
That's why she is pushing rules that would require licenses for the rental properties, as well as a new nuisance ordinance aimed at keeping the renters accountable.
"If you have the rules in there, I think you are going to have more people trying to obey the rules if they know there is a penalty is going to hurt," Tarkanian said.
But those who own rental properties say not all short term renters are using the homes for parties, and say there are plenty of upstanding visitors that prefer not to stay in hotels.
"This is one of the greatest examples of a few rotten eggs in the barrel creating a terrible situation for all of the good, honest decent homeowners who are allowing their homes to be shared," Dr. Anthony Sommer said.
The ordinance has been passed on to the full city council for review.
The licensing ordinance that is moving forward does not include a special use permit requirement for homes with more than five bedrooms.
Property managers oppose the permits, but councilwoman Tarkanian says she will still push for the permits at the full meeting.
That meeting is scheduled for September 3rd.
Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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Bryan Callahan joined the Action News team as a general assignment reporter in August of 2013.