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California landlords facing charges for outrageous tactics


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California landlords facing charges for outrageous tactics

By Megan Telles. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

San Francisco, CA (KTNV) -- A California couple, who many have called the landlords from hell, have landed in the slammer after their outrageous tactics were captured on camera.

Kip Macy and his wife Nicole started flipping houses in the San Francisco-area.

The couple would buy apartment buildings, evict the tenants, sell the apartments as condos and pocket the profit.

But Kip and Nicole handled situations very differently.

Tenants said the couple cut phone lines and shut off power to their tenants. Kip was even caught on camera burglarizing an apartment occupied by three people.

The Macys also drenched the rest of the three tenants' stuff in ammonia.

Police eventually caught up with the couple and they are now facing a long list of felonies.

Kip said they are both ashamed over what they did.

Megan Telles

Megan Telles

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Megan Telles is co-host of Valley View Live! and the Social TV journalist for Action News.