California DMV gearing up for driverless cars on the road


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California DMV gearing up for driverless cars on the road

By Megan Telles. CREATED Jan 15, 2014

Sacramento, CA (KTNV) -- The California Department of Motor Vehicles is gearing up for driverless cars.

The agency is already rolling out rules to govern the new technology for when it finally hits the streets.

At a public hearing in Sacramento this week, DMV regulators were getting feedback to figure out what carmakers must do before they can test their computer-driven vehicles on the road.

The question of who pays when a driverless car is in a crash has already been answered. The law requires the manufacturer to get a commercial policy to cover the car.

The DMV believes driverless cars will be safer than those driven by humans.

While not everyone is convinced, others are excited about the emerging technology.

It's still expected to take years before we see cars driving themselves on the streets of California.

Nevada has approved legislation to allow roads to be used for test-driving the driverless cars. They even popped up at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas.

Megan Telles

Megan Telles

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