CCSD discovers lavish office furnishings as part of embezzlement probe


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CCSD discovers lavish office furnishings as part of embezzlement probe

By Jacqui Heinrich. CREATED Aug 19, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A probe into the misuse of funds at the Clark County School District has taken a new turn. We're now getting a look at the storehouse full of lavish office furnishings, possibly paid for by taxpayers.

Desks, office chairs, bookshelves and cabinets by the dozen fill a space more than 150 feet long, stacked by multiple rows to the warehouse ceiling of the district's Central Kitchen Facility, where the items are being stored because of their sheer volume. 

School officials say the goods aren't standard issue, and some could argue they look more like they belong in a wealthy attorney's office.

The items were uncovered after Metro Police and CCSD officials launched an investigation into misuse of funds by former district employee Priscilla Rocha. She was the director of the Adult English Language Acquisition Program, and is accused of embezzling more than a quarter-million dollars from CCSD coffers along with four accomplices. 

Prosecutors say Rocha filled out fake time cards for people who never worked for the school, calling them "tutorial services," used school cash to buy a beauty salon and pay the people working there, and also wrote checks to a California company for which she's the sole owner. They also say she pocketed nearly $35,000 in bogus fees charged to students for dictionaries.

The question of who bought the furniture remains, and why nobody asked about it before. The furnishings were discovered in the AELAS program's portable buildings.

Action News reached out to Rocha's attorney for comment, but never heard back. She is one of five district employees suspected of masterminding the theft, which took place over several years.

Jacqui Heinrich

Jacqui Heinrich

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