Aging air conditioners creating issues at local schools


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Aging air conditioners creating issues at local schools

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Sep 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Air conditioning issues continue to plague 22 Clark County schools.

Clark County School District officials say they don't have the money to replace the faulty units and are doing the best to patch them with band aids.

Mrs. Koran's eighth grade English class hit the library Thursday to escape the rising temperatures in their regular classroom at Cashman Middle School.

"The most we've had to do about moving everybody is about 8 classes and the teachers are really good about it," Principal Misti Taton said.

The air conditioner usually blows air into the classroom at temperatures in the mid 50s, keeping it at around 75 degrees. But with that unit out, the principal here at Cashman Middle School says the rooms are getting up to 97 degrees."

"We do move students out when it gets over 80, just for the comfort level of the students and teachers,” Taton said.

Since the beginning of the school year, 22 Clark County schools have been dealing with air conditioning problems and parents are getting frustrated.

"He has asthma, so that is not good.  The heat is not good, the humidity is not good,” Linda Solorio said of her grandson who attends Cashman Middle School.

District officials say they understand the frustration, but say the air conditioner problems are a result of the failure of last year's $720 million bond measure as well as efforts to keep budget cuts from impacting actual lessons in the classroom.

"Unfortunately that has meant we cut back on some of the maintenance of our facilities and we are starting to see the results of that," CCSD Chief of Staff Kirsten Searer said.

District officials say they have been quick to respond to problems, addressing many within just two hours, even if they can only make band-aid repairs.

"It's almost like having a used car.  We try to keep it going as long as we can, but we know eventually one day it is not going to start again," Searer said.

District officials say they do not have an exact figure for the cost of replacing the air conditioning units, but say it will likely be millions per school.

All Clark County schools are back open, but crews are monitoring the AC units at the following schools which have experienced problems over the first two weeks of school.

Allen  ES
Bailey MS
Bonanza HS
Cashman MS
Coronado HS
Desert Pines HS
Diaz ES
Diskin ES
Dooley ES
Durango HS
Earl M ES
Gehring ES
Indian Springs HS
Johnson MS
Lawrence MS
Mojave HS
O'Callaghan MS
Sawyer MS
Snyder ES
Sunrise Mtn. HS
Desert Oasis HS
Cashman MS


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