Dozens of boxing fans injured after stampede breaks out at MGM Grand

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Dozens of boxing fans injured after stampede breaks out at MGM Grand

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED May 4, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Fight Night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena took a turn for the worse after the event.

There was chaos after the Mayweather-Maidana fight on Saturday night, but it wasn't caused by disappointed fans.

A riot happened after fans knocked over some metal detectors. There were about 17,000 people in the arena and it sounded like shots fired.

People scrambled to get out of there and ended up trampling each other. There were bodies on the ground as well as trash cans tipped over.

People were crushed and bleeding. Some employees of restaurants ran into the kitchens to hide from what they thought could have been a bomb.

Police were called to the scene to investigate reports of shots fired, only to determine that the crash and sounds were because of the metal detectors falling to the ground.

Police and paramedics were on scene for hours, treating people who had been injured in the chaos.

The Clark County Fire Department said 24 people were transported to the hospital for treatment.

There were about 50 treated total. The majority of people taken to the hospital were treated for minor injuries including foot and ankle injuries.

The MGM Grand released the following statement on Sunday:

"Following Saturday's boxing event at the MGM Grand Garden, guests exiting the arena were apparently startled by a loud noise, sending many rushing to clear the area. The source of the noise remains undetermined. Investigators have found no evidence of gunfire, as reported by some media outlets.

MGM Grand Security and Metro Police who were already on the scene responded quickly to assist. Twenty-four injured guests were transported to local hospitals for assessment.

Our staff continues to assist guests and take reports regarding the incident. Safety is always a priority at our resort. We are investigating the situation thoroughly to understand more completely what occurred, to assist those affected, and to ensure further safety precautions."

Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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