Bellagio robbery suspect appears in court masked, never opens eyes

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Bellagio robbery suspect appears in court masked, never opens eyes

By Denise Wong. CREATED Jul 30, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The man accused of robbing a cashier at gunpoint at the Bellagio was quite the spectacle in court on Wednesday morning.

Scott Carmitchel, 34, faces charges that include robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary, grand larceny and battery.

Carmitchel was due in court, but refused to leave his jail cell. That's when the judge ordered him brought to court by any force necessary.

Officers brought him in on a chair that was pushed into the courtroom. Carmitchel had a white band around his mouth and a dark net over his head.

He was wrapped in a blanket, his feet and arms were shackled. He never opened his eyes. The judge kept asking him questions, and he did not say a word or show any acknowledgement.

The judge appointed a public defender and set Carmitchel's preliminary hearing for Aug. 13.

Police did not have an easy time booking him on Sunday, two days after that heist at the Bellagio.

Police said on Friday around 8:30 p.m., Carmitchel robbed a cashier at the Bellagio. They said he took off with $43,000.  

Police finally caught up with him on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel, where they said he had used some of the stolen money to pay for prostitutes and designer sandals.

Police said Carmitchel has a criminal record and skipped out on his parole in Kansas two months ago.  

He will appear in court on those charges on Thursday.