Beer prank: Friends swap out house plumbing for kegs


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Beer prank: Friends swap out house plumbing for kegs

By Cassie Alsup. CREATED Sep 18, 2013

What man wouldn't want beer flowing through every pipe in his home? That's what happened to this lucky man when his friends decided to pull the best prank ever.

In the video, a group of guys decides to buy a bunch of kegs and hook them up to all of the plumbing in their friend's house. They also install tiny cameras near each faucet to see his reaction. Its not long after set-up is complete that their friend Russ shows up with his girlfriend. The group of close to 20 guys watches in amusement as Russ turns on his kitchen sink, and makes a face.

That familiar smell leads him to get closer and eventually taste the beer, and to his surprise, he knows exactly what it is. Russ remarks, "Whoa, it's like, cold beer too," and begins to check the rest of the house. When he realizes it's everywhere, he grabs his work clothes to do a little research, but first pours himself a cold one. When he checks under the house and sees the kegs, he realizes he's been pranked and his friends pop out and laugh.

Gizmodo reports that New Zealand's Tui beer orchestrated the prank to gain some promotional buzz but as far as pranks go, this one has a pretty pleasant turn out.

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