Attorney speaks out after man accuses police of excessive force


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Attorney speaks out after man accuses police of excessive force

By Elizabeth Gadley. CREATED Aug 20, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Action News is getting new insight into a story we first told you about on Tuesday.

We're seeing more video and new pictures of Dominic Gennarrino, who believes Las Vegas police used excessive force when they arrested him.

Attorney Stephen Stubbs is outraged and not just because of how his client was treated. He said officers blatantly lied in their arrest report and the surveillance video proves that.

"I am greatly offended not only at the baton strikes and him getting his face shoved into that concrete wall, those were wrong actions, but I am mostly offended because they wrote a false report. This is false and they should be held responsible for that," said Stubbs.

This all started back in early June at a downtown bar as officers were trying to clear the scene, so a stabbing could be investigated.

According to the official arrest report, Gennarrino was yelling at another man and moving very slowly as officers tried to usher him to the door.

"Officer Glowinski, under penalty of perjury, wrote a sworn statement and the only reason he had in the sworn statement for him arresting Mr. Gennarrino was and I quote, 'Gennarrino stopped and leaned back and threw his back into me.' The video proves that he lied."

Stubbs also believes that officers were way too violent, striking Gennarrino in the knees with a night stick and even pushing his head into a concrete wall, that left him with a deep gash.

Police haven't been available to comment on the incident, but Stubbs said he was told that Internal Affairs concluded that officers did nothing wrong. He disagrees.

"It's very clear that two officers acted out of line and used excessive force. The officer with the baton and the officer that decided to shove his head into a concrete wall."

Stubbs wants Internal Affairs to reconsider their decision and he wants the officer to face disciplinary action and possibly even charges.

As for the case against Gennarrino, prosecutors have agreed to drop the charges as long as he stays out of trouble for the next six months.

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