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Angry Whitney Ranch residents sound off at city council meeting

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Angry Whitney Ranch residents sound off at city council meeting

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Aug 5, 2014

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- On Tuesday night, dozens of frustrated Whitney Ranch homeowners showed up to the Henderson City Council meeting to sound off about proposed plans to build a tavern and retail space nearby.

The plan was approved in June, but angry neighbors requested an appeal, which was addressed at the meeting.

The project would sit on lots of land just northeast and northwest of Sunset Road and Whitney Ranch Drive.

Several residents believe the development would create increased traffic and safety concerns in an area that is already congested. One resident even stormed out of the meeting after feeling frustrated.

"I wouldn't [even] take my kids on Whitney Ranch bike paths because people drive crazy over there. You try and stay in the neighborhoods but then people cut through the neighborhoods to save time. Now we have to worry about a tavern going in there with people drinking. [It will] just ruin the area," said another resident.

There was a lot of confusion over the status of the tavern proposal, but the council clarified that the the tavern was already approved in 2006.

During the meeting, the developers and the city discussed their separate traffic studies on the area. Ultimately, the council unanimously decided it was appropriate to give the Whitney Ranch HOA its own opportunity to conduct a traffic study.

Council members approved the project's design review and a proposed drive-thru with the stipulation that the HOA has 90 days to conduct a traffic study, should it wish to do so.