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Brawl breaks out in courtroom after attempted murder sentence

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Brawl breaks out in courtroom after attempted murder sentence

By Denise Wong. CREATED Mar 5, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A brawl broke out inside the courthouse just minutes after a woman was sentenced for plotting to kill her husband.

Emotions were running high outside courtroom 11b. There was pushing and shouting between relatives of Amy Bessey, and the ex-wife of the man she was convicted of plotting to kill.

This wasn't what Donna Speakman expected when she showed up to her sister Amy's sentencing. She just wanted to show support in the courtroom.

But she did expect to see Robert Bessey. He was married to Amy for 18 years, before they divorced in November 2012. 

Just one week later, he was shot while driving near the Valley of Fire.

Amy, who claimed he was abusive, has said she had nothing to do with it. But after police arrested her son Michael Bessey and brother Richard Pearson, for the crime, Amy was convicted last fall of coming up with the plan to kill her ex.

On Wednesday, the judge sentenced her to 13 to 44 years in prison.

But her niece and sister never imagined they'd be leaving the courthouse, filing battery charges against Robert's first ex-wife and her mother.

"For them laying their hands on us because we didn't do anything, and they didn't have any business being here."

But the family plans to be back, when Amy's son and brother are sentenced.

Michael Bessey and Richard Pearson accepted plea deals earlier this year, both pleading guilt to conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. They're both scheduled to be sentenced in April.

According to Amy Bessey's sisters, the fight outside the courtroom started because Robert's family members were accusing them of being involved in trying to kill him.

Everyone involved in the fight, including Robert Bessey, had to be escorted out of the courthouse.